Robert Swotinsky MD

Consulting services in toxicology and occupational medicine.

Dr. Swotinsky is an expert on workplace drug and alcohol testing, and an occupational medicine clinician and consultant based in Massachusetts.  Dr. Swotinsky is board certified in Occupational Medicine, is certified as a Medical Review Officer (MRO), FMCSA Medical Examiner, and DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).  Dr. Swotinsky has written two books on workplace drug and alcohol testing, one in its fifth edition.  Dr. Swotinsky is founding Editor of the MRO Update newsletter (since 1994), is a coauthor of the (MROCC) MRO certification examination, has been on federal advisory committees for workplace drug testing and commercial motor vehicle medical qualification programs, and has taught in national courses for MROs and medical examiners performing DOT exams.

Robert Swotinsky, MD
Consulting services include:

  • Case review and expert opinion.
  • Independent medical examination at office in Massachusetts.
  • Consulting medical director services.
  • Medical review officer and related workplace drug and alcohol testing services.