Exploding urine specimens

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Exploding urine specimens

Post by dhsspecialist » Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:16 pm

We have had one client succeed in “exploding” sealed DOT-type urine collection vials in 3 successive collections. Nothing was noted as being out of the ordinary by contract collection staff during the urine collection process. Samples were observed to leak after they were collected in a standard beaker, sealed in split vials, and secured in a double sided specimen shipping pouch. The accompanying chain of custody form in the first collection sent to the lab was also compromised, which would seem to require more than a little force. The second 2 collections leaked before they were shipped out to the lab. Any ideas how these effects could be produce by adulteration? Thanks, JW.


Re: Exploding urine specimens

Post by gwoccmed » Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:01 pm

Just a guess - possibly a solvent - possibly drinking alcohol or acetone and possibly added via ingestion for the alcohol or by fasting or poor diabetes control for acetone and not necessarily by adulteration . . .

Such solvents with a low vapor pressure could evaporate on hot day and exert substantial force (akin to not poking a hole in the microwave bag)

Maybe try shipping specimen on ice . . . and/or pinching side of bottle before/during sealing to create a vacuum (like squeezing sides of shampoo bottle before capping) . . .

Also did the shipping vials go into the private restroom with the donor (could they have been tampered)?

Please let us hear back if you find anything.

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