POCT temperature out of range

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POCT temperature out of range

Post by Kdantin » Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:24 am

I would appreciate advice on this POCT scenario: First specimen temperature out of range. Second specimen directly observed, negative on POCT. Do we send both specimens to the lab? Or, would it ever be acceptable for the collector to perform POCT on both and report as such if both negative? Our site currently sends both off for full-service testing at the lab, but this question was raised by a collector and seems like a valid point.

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Re: POCT temperature out of range

Post by Robert Swotinsky MD » Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:19 pm

There are no rules or published, consensus guidelines for this.

If the directly observed was negative, I might stop there, and not send anything to the lab. I'm assuming the first, TOR specimen was negative, too. There's not much value in sending specimens that screen negative by POCT to the lab. They're likely to screen negative there, too - perhaps more likely than at the collection site, given that some drugs/metabolite concentrations drop in time.

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Re: POCT temperature out of range

Post by Ujmed2006 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:47 pm

Regarding the above original poster’s scenario-

First question- Is it common to conduct the POCT on both the first sample and the subsequent direct observed sample, before sending both off to the lab? Currently our collection site only conducts the POCT on the first sample, and if direct observe is required, does not conduct POCT on the second sample, rather sends both samples to the lab.

Second question- if this is non-regulated split testing- if the first POCT has temp out of range, and will be sent off to the lab, should it be marked and packaged as split? Yes it will be followed by an immediate observed collection, which in the current protocol, will not be POCT tested, but packaged split, and sent to the lab. Since each test stands on its own, and the employer offers split, I believe both samples should be sent off as split- is that correct?!

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