"Temporary disqualification, return for follow-up"

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"Temporary disqualification, return for follow-up"

Post by docwats » Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:19 pm

I had a driver who was disqualified, whom I shall now be able to certify. I'm trying to sort out several items.

1) I understand I should qualify for one year using the date of his first visit. It looks like I shall use today as the certificate effective date, but expiration one year from his initial visit.

2) On the NRCME site, there is a pair of check boxes labeled "CDL Yes No". I am not clear on the function of those check boxes. Should this be checked "NO" if the CDL is not issued, or does it refer to whether the driver had certification before?

3) I see an option to check a box if I "Update a previously submitted exam" but the site does not allow me to check that box or change anything but the "CDL Yes/No" checkboxes. I'm not sure how to convert "temporarily disqualified" to "medically qualified".

I haven't found instructions for filling out the web form on the NRCME site, likely because all but the CDL? check boxes are completely obvious. I haven't gotten any response to similar questions directed to the email address for medical questions.

I'm wondering what is to be done if a driver is temporarily disqualified here but cannot return to me for follow-up. Likewise, how to handle a driver coming to me who was so designated elsewhere. Much of the purpose of the registry is to discourage doctor shopping, but this is a mobile population.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Ben Watson


Re: "Temporary disqualification, return for follow-up"

Post by jmaslanko » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:57 am

It's the examiner's call to decide if a driver returning for f/u after a Temporary DQ needs a complete exam. If so, then you fill out a new MER, and his qualification period starts then. If not, then his qualification begins on the date you first saw him.

State CDLs and DOT medical certificates are being merged. This allows a carrier to check a driver's medical qualification status by his state CDL #. But not all drivers who need DOT medical certification must have CDLs. In MO (and others, too) drivers of vehicles weighing < 26,000 lbs aren't always required to have CDLs. I check the Yes box if a driver has an existing CDL.

I haven't had problems with the update function on the 5850 site. I've only used it a few times for drivers returning for BP follow-up. It's worked for me.

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